Review: Just For Funny

4 years ago
Til Knowles

Just For Funny is a handy guide to the latest, funniest up-and-coming comedians in portable audio format. Hosts Matt Harvey and Marty Atta hand pick the finest open mic comedians for your listening pleasure. And if you need some help finding the latest acts at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival, they’re here to help out with that too. With a show every Saturday at 4:30 pm, Just For Funny is the perfect start to an evening of loose comedy – when you know you want to see someone but you’re not sure who, and you need a bit more guidance than a stack of flyers from outside the Melbourne Town Hall.

The shows are structured with a quick introduction from the hosts, before a 10-15 minute set from the first comedian, a brief chat with them about their show and how it came about, the same from the next guest, and finally a series of short improv games between the guests and hosts. It’s a fast-moving show that ensures the audience aren’t bored, the jokes come in rapidly, and any comedic missteps can be easily left behind. While Harvey could probably afford to hang back and let his guests, and his fellow host, get a few more words in, the show is an overall laid back good time.

Episode 25, recorded on 1 April live at MICF, featured guests Jacqueline Mifsud and Anthony McCormack. Both Mifsud and McCormack are utterly likeable, presenting their polished sets to the small crowd. Mifsud’s show, Sink Full of Forks, deals largely with the comedian’s experiences with depression and the years she spent living in France. Her stage presence is intensely likeable, and she strikes straight for the heart of relatable comedy. McCormack is likewise amicable, with an ambling, storytelling style. When ‘pitted against each other’ in the final segment of the show, the two bounce off each other with the kind of flagrant disregard for competition common in comedy games.


Just For Funny is on on the 8, 15, and 22 April at 4:30pm at the Tickle Pit. Tickets are available online or at the door.

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