Review: Funny Bits

5 years ago
Stacey Waters

For this years’ Melbourne International Comedy Festival CJ Delling promised to take us on a walk through her brain during her show Funny Bits. The Sydney-based, German heritage comedian aimed to slice and dice parts of life to uncover the funny bits.

Downstairs at the Bull and Bear Tavern is a neatly closed off area for the show, shower curtains hung off to block the show from the gaze of any curious onlookers. The occasional background kitchen noise manages to drift across the audience at times, a favourite being the sound of a steak sizzling, something that Delling was delighted at, describing it at “tiny sausage fingers applauding.”


The shower curtains that block us off from the rest of the venue are where Delling begins her show, claiming, “we’re going to have the second most fun you can have behind a shower curtain!” In a prior interview with Delling, she stated that as opposed to her other shows in precious years that tended to follow a theme, this years was based around just being funny and delivering an entertaining show. And a funny hour we did indeed enjoy.

Delling graced the staged with a classic stand-up routine, rotating between topics easily while maintaining a tight control and interaction with the audience. Being originally from Germany a large amount of her material revolves around the culture differences between there and Australian, while not being afraid to poke fun at her

Funny Bits was a seemingly spontaneous show, Delling’ topics appearing to come naturally and in the moment. A quip about her new haircut being based off a knight of the round table was a personal favourite, while my friend cackled for a good ten minutes at her remarks on ‘slaying dick.’

The only downside of the night are the few moments of the show that fall flat as Delling continues with a joke to no avail, working against a sombre audience. Some jokes rely a little too heavily on the use of a funny voice with an accent. This comes off as slight pandering to the crowd at points and one has to wonder if a better laugh could have come from a joke that was more practised.

The end result of Funny Bits is an entertaining way to spend a night, Delling up front as an endearing and charming entertainer delivering inoffensive comedy that you won’t regret taking the time to see.


CJ Delling will be at The Bull and Bear Tavern 23rd March – 3rd April with Funny Bits as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets are $12 – $20 and can be purchased here.

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