Review: Escape from a 90’s Educational CD-ROM!

4 years ago
Stacey Waters

Remember when you were younger and all you wanted was that one perfect computer game? And then your parents decided to cheap out and get you the ‘just as good’ knock-off version? Michael Williams knows your pain, probably even more than you do considering his version ‘Hello Learning: Aussie Edition 1994’ zapped him inside of the computer and game, leaving him to live out the last two decades of his life with a talking/rapping globe.

Escape from a 90’s Educational CD-ROM is one of this year’s Moosehead Award recipients and it’s easy to see why. The concept alone is utterly unique and it’s clear that Michael Williams has spent a lot of time perfecting and practicing his performance.

The idea of the show is Williams, as a young boy was transported inside the education CD-ROM and has since spent the last two decades of his life simultaneously reading through the 30,000 articles within the program, attempting to escape and avoiding the software bugs that are slowly corrupting the game.

Williams does a spectacular job interacting with the projection of the game, his movements are in sync with the actions on the screen and it’s continually impressive and funny to watch him ‘grab’ things out of some of the famous paintings we see displayed in the art section of the game. There are a only a few moments that we see him fumble with the script, and the only moments that these seem noticeable however are when the corresponding words are appearing on screen. After a few nights of getting his rhythm in the show I imagine any fumbles will be long gone.

Escape from a 90’s Educational CD-ROM is a highlight of this year’s comedy festival, quirky and utterly unique, it’s not likely you’ll have a chance to see a show such as this one again for awhile.


Escape from a 90’s Educational CD-ROM is showing at ACMI from 30th march to 23rd of April as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets can be purchased here.

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