Review: Electric Cabaret – Tomás Ford

6 years ago
Sharona Lin

Tomas Ford is undeniably weird. Electric Cabaret is perhaps weirder.

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is running over 500 shows this year, and Electric Cabaret is unique in its dazzlingly bizarre, slightly terrifying way. The brainchild of Western Australian performer Tomas Ford, it promises costumes, cabaret and a lunatic. It provides all of that in style – but in the same breath, it’s definitely not for everyone.

Alternately charming and yelling at the audience, Ford throws himself around the tiny stage, into the audience, and occasionally right out of the room itself. He flits between industrial to gothic to pop, and yes, he’s got a voice on him.

Electric Cabaret Image 2

The audience reaction is varied – most people start off with somewhat bewildered smiles on their faces, and it’s pretty clear that Ford is just too strange for their tastes. There are a few giggles and chuckles throughout the show, and by the end, people seem to have warmed up to him, but it’s a disorienting show, and it isn’t for everyone.

There are some amusing moments, but it isn’t a big laugh out loud show. So if you’re looking for something easy and simple, Electric Cabaret probably isn’t it. But if you are after something eccentric and challenging, this is it.


Electric Cabaret is playing until 19th April at Tuxedo Cat. Tickets are available online and at the door.

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