Review: Ego Jacket

3 years ago
Stacey Waters

Ego Jacket – a phrase that, according to Phillip Lee Curtis, “allows performers to hide their insecurities and to put on a brave face.” This theme holds true throughout Curtis’ one-man production – entitled, of course, Ego Jacket.

The idea of Ego Jacket is a story of the anxiety that can plague anyone throughout their life – despite all the good that they may appear to be experiencing, there can always be that little voice in the back of their head that makes them question everything. It is with this premise that Curtis has put together Ego Jacket – an approximately hour long rock odyssey cabaret that will leave you with numerous songs playing throughout your mind.

While the show itself shows great potential – there were a few letdowns throughout. This however, can easily be attributed to opening night hiccups, things that I’m sure will improve as the show continues. There were numerous technical problems that unfortunately drew the show away from it’s potential – most notably a bit of an audio issue that caused the backing songs and Curtis’ voice to come out crackly and a little distorted.

It should be noted as well that this reviewer was seated directly in front of a speaker, which may have contributed to the issue a little. Towards the end of the performance there seemed to be another issue as the backing music did not play for a final song – however, the lack of music forced Curtis to sing unaccompanied, was actually an improvement as the distortion of the audio backing tracks really took away from the strength of his performance.

As mentioned previously, the show itself deals with the increasingly common issue of anxiety that many today face – and the way it can disrupt and influence one’s life. Curtis does well to weave this story in amongst the music, matching the songs to the vibe of where he’s at within the show – the music itself tells the story in a way.

Ego Jacket is a fantastic addition to this years’ Midsumma Festival – and a great way to spend a night.


Ego Jacket is showing at the MC Showroom from 31st January to 4 February as part of Midsumma Festival 2018. Tickets can be purchased via the Midsumma website.




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