Review: That’s Eddotainment

5 years ago
Til Knowles

Anne Edmonds’ show That’s Eddotainment is a guaranteed hour of laughs. The winner of last year’s coveted Piece of Wood Award – awarded by other comedians to one they deem worthy – it’s no surprise Edmonds is talented. She’s been appearing on our televisions more and more over the past few years, she’s been a guest on almost every Australian comedy podcast, and she’s involved in online content too (she’s a notable member of the True Australian Patriots), so you’ve likely heard her rubbery voice and seen her malleable face even if you don’t recognise her name.


Edmonds enjoys humiliation and despair, in the most comedic of ways. Her show is personal and self satirising, without being so filled with self loathing that the audience start to wonder why they bought tickets. The room Edmonds plays to is almost always packed in tight, and strangers can’t help rubbing shoulders as they shake with laughter. She’s physical and spatially aware, throwing in plenty of visual punchlines to break up the longer story style content.

Ultimately, Edmonds is likeable. It’s difficult to say more without resorting to repeating joke set ups, so trust in the taste of her fellow comedians, and go and see That’s Eddotainment.

That’s Eddotainment is on at the Melbourne Town Hall until the 17th of April. Tickets are available online or at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival box office. 

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