Review: Ed Britton is Groping for his Manhood

3 years ago
Stacey Waters

Ed Britton is groping for manhood during his new show of the same name, at this years’ Melbourne International Comedy Festival. From Rubik cube metaphors to trash talking Tasmania, Britton covers a range of material all rounding out to that one question; “how exactly does one become a man?”

Britton himself bounds onto the small stage at Tasma Terrace, filling the room with an energetic presence from the beginning. His demeanour is charming, many of the audience already starting to giggle from the first two words. It’s this charm that helps him later on after a few stumbles with his material – a few offhand jokes to keep the audience amused. The show itself is based around the same topic, what exactly is it to be a man these days? Britton covers a number of instances throughout both his childhood and recent years in which he’s had to question himself on whether or not he’s missed something over the years.

While there are many amusing jokes throughout, much of the consistent laughter from the audience could possibly be attributed to the fact that the majority of them appeared to be friends or family – made clearer by the few private jokes that slipped out from Britton, which, while having a number of the audience who were obviously in the know laughing – those left out of the private joke may be left feeling as though they’ve missed something.

The overall premise of the show is an entertaining one, with Britton touching on many stereotypes of the different genders over the years and his wish for more overall equality – however, this sentiment is a little contradictory when placed next to a few of the jokes that he musters up. Unintentionally the show appears to be aimed a little more towards men and may leave women rolling their eyes at a few condescending remarks.

As mentioned previously, there are a few slip-ups throughout the evening, in which Britton needed to consult his notes in order to get the show back on track – however, as also previously mentioned his charm and energetic attitude easily covered for most of this. As a preview night as well, one can imagine that Britton will only improve as each show commences.

Ed Britton’s Groping for his Manhood is a great show to see during this years comedy festival if you’re in the mood for a chuckle at typical gender stereotypes and an earnest man trying to understand it all.


Ed Britton’s Groping for his Manhood is showing at Tasma Terrace 27th March – 8th April as part of 2018 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets can be purchased here.

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