Review: Duets with Myself – Charlotte Kerr

3 years ago
Til Knowles

– Hey Charlotte, do you want to play a duet?
– Love to.
– Yeah cool. There’s just one thing though. I’m you.
– Oh.

Charlotte Kerr has had a tough year, but she’s owning it. She doesn’t need anyone else, not even to sing duets with. Duets with Myself is a humorous, borderline surreal exploration of learning to be self-reliant.

Kerr does not need anyone else to sing with, largely because it would be difficult to find another voice that she wouldn’t upstage. We’ve written before about the power and musicality of her voice, a jazzy soprano that wouldn’t be out of place at the Paris Cat or Bird’s Basement jazz clubs. Likewise, Kerr’s piano playing is delightful, her songwriting and transpositions are both catchy and soulful.

It is always a little hard to accurately review a show on a preview night. There’s often a lot of things still being tested and tweaked as the final pieces of a show are moved into place. At this early stage, the jokes themselves aren’t clearly delineated from nerves and preview show slip ups. As such, the ending doesn’t quite hit the emotional notes Kerr’s voice is capable of. However, the through-line of Duets with Myself is solid, addressing the ever-present fear of being, or even just seeming, a bit too crazy, and of trying to be gentle and confident with yourself without someone to fall back on. It’s highly relatable (especially if you too are an anxious neurotic). With her piano and a handful of props, Kerr milks the atmosphere of the Butterfly Club to build a necessary closeness with her audience. A lot of the show’s humour comes from its relatable theme, it’s easy to see yourself or your friends in Kerr’s nervous energy and comedic physicality. If you’re after a melodic story of anxiety and self-belief before dinner time, check out Duets with Myself.


Duets with Myself is on at the Butterfly Club at 5:30pm until 1 April 2018 as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets are available online via the MICF website or at the Butterfly Club box office

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