Review: You Know The Drill

5 years ago
Stacey Waters

I watched Steen Raskopolous for an hour on Thursday night and I couldn’t tell you a thing about the man’s personality. From the moment that Raskopolous steps on stage he’s in his element, barking orders at the crowd as a strict drill sergeant before transforming into a dance-loving young boy to a radio jockey.

Raskopolous is unrecognisable as he switches characters, throwing himself fully into each and every sketch. With a history of improvisation (Raskopolous is also at MICF with Carlo Ritchie in The Bear Pack) it’s no surprise that he’s able to develop such characters in a way that seems just so utterly convincing and entertaining to the audience.


The show starts off a little oddly, with not all that much indication of what’s to come – though Raskopolous does promise us that he loves the audience and will not make us do anything we’re uncomfortable with. The sketches are quick-paced, only lasting five or so minutes at the most, which at first seem a little fast and rushed with no ending. However twenty minutes in and the framework of the show is clear, with characters from past sketches making reappearances and stories tying in together neatly. It’s a cleverly written hour ,with Raskopolous not leaving a moment quiet or empty. Every skit brings the audience to laughter and applause.

Audience participation is heavy within the show, with some moments leading Raskopolous to truly shine when improvisation is necessary. His banter with ‘Darren’ is truly entertaining, especially when the topic somehow come to flatulence.

It seems incredible afterwards that the show is just one man, by the time it’s over you’ll have felt like you’ve seen a troupe on stage performing. The dialogue and audience banter is smart and energetic, encouraging the audience to participate to the best of their abilities.

Raskopolous appears genuinely delighted at the energetic aura radiating from the crowd by the end of the night, breaking character only briefly to thank the audience. If you’re looking for a show during this years’ Melbourne International Comedy Festival that radiates simple fun it’s clear that You Know The Drill cannot be missed.


You Know The Drill is showing 24th March – 17th April as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival at Swiss Club & Melb Town Hall. Tickets can be purchased here.

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