Review: Dogmatic

5 years ago
Stacey Waters

Hannah Gadsby had a good show at last year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival. She got a great review – but underneath there was a number for Beyond Blue. For this year’s festival Gadsby has promised a show of no woe in Dogmatic!

Dogmatic is a sharply written and cleverly timed show. As Gadsby explains, after last years’ well-received but also quite dismal show, this year she’s turned to the brightest spark to keep hers and the audience’s spirits up. That’s right, we’re talking about Taylor Swift.

The show is set as a Swift concert, and Gadsby attempts to continue the delightful satire of this by continued costume changes throughout the night into outfits that Swift may have possibly wore. Though, I have to say that Gadsby pulls them off a bit better.


In place of singing there are tales from Gadsby’s life, from moving country and realising your landlords are survivalists, to her father’s epic finds ay the local Tasmanian tip. There is also a spot of aborted choreography that occasionally appears before Gadsby shakes her head and gives up – to be fair, has anyone seen how much Swift dances? Girl needs to chill.

The show itself keeps the audience in laughs throughout the night; a particular story of an angry chihuahua was my friend’s favourite as I heard snorts and cackles for a good fifteen minutes after from beside me. Each segment of the show is set out like a Taylor Swift concert in a way, with a song beginning as Gadsby takes the stage.

Dogmatic is a charismatic walk through aspects of Gadsby’s life, praise has to be given to any performer that is able to take miserable parts of their life and create humour for others. Especially while claiming no woe continually throughout the show. With only a few weeks left I highly recommend any reading to take the time to see Dogmatic, it is truly a charming look at an interesting person.


Dogmatic is showing as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 24th March – 17th April at ACMI. Tickets can be purchased here.



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