Review: Look What You Made Me Do – Demi Lardner

4 years ago
Til Knowles

Comedian Demi Lardner is known for her bizarre antics. From getting a tattoo of the burger logo during a live taping of The Little Dum Dum Club, to her own podcast We Are Not Doctors, Lardner’s signature weirdness is always present and always a draw card. So it is with great delight to announce that her latest show, Look What You Made Me Do, is utterly true to Lardner’s style of comedy.

More sketch than stand up, Look What You Made Me Do follows Gavin, a 46 year old man who gets trapped in his basement when his wife goes away to visit her sister. Stuck without food and only a life insurance customer service staffer for company, Gavin’s mind slowly devolves into sketch-based nonsense. The jokes are rapid, slippery things that fly at the audience in both verbal and visual form, often leaving them doubled over, breathless from laughing. While the performance is mostly a one woman play, it’s also a pleasure to see Lardner still working with Angus Brown, whose enthusiasm and vocal dexterity bring out some big belly laughs from the audience.

The show’s a weirdness only accentuated by the presence of Aunty Donna’s Mark Bonanno as director and co-writer. The uncanny aspects, the everyday turned a little weird for maximum humour, are reminiscent of some of Aunty Donna’s sketches, and the voice Lardner uses for Gavin is similar to one often affected by Broden Kelly. Whether it’s due to Bonanno’s presence or just Lardner’s growing wealth of experience, the show feels far more structured and rehearsed from a production stand-point than some of Lardner’s previous work. The strength of the structure means the jokes can come faster, the chaos can be more bombastic, and the oddities can be more outlandish without the show running any risks of falling apart.

The write up of this show describes it as a 23 year old acting out her mid-life crisis, though it seems unlikely Lardner will be at crisis point much longer: Lardner has found a successful match between the sketch form and her particular brand of odd comedy, and if we’re lucky, Look What You Made Me Do is a sign of all the wonderful hilarious things to come.


Look What You Made Me Do is on at the Melbourne Town Hall at 7pm until the 23rd April, as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets are available online and at the door.

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