Review: The Completely Improvised Musical

6 years ago
Sharona Lin

It’s hard to describe the Completely Improvised Musical, because, well, it’s completely improvised: each show is unique. Previously billed as Impromptunes, the Completely Improvised Musical is just that. Several performers (our night’s performers were: Alana Tranter, Natasha York, Hollie James, Morgan Phillips, Cameron Neill and Emmet Nichols) team up with a musician (our night was Isaac Hayward) to produce an hour-long, unscripted musical theatre show.

At the start of the evening, the audience chooses a show title, and from that one suggestion springs an entire show – Thursday night’s title was Illuminati Cake Shop, and yes, the show was as wild and bizarre (and amusing) as it sounds. Don’t be late – part of the fun of the show is watching the performers jump straight from the audience suggestion to the overture.

Impromptunes Completely Improvised Musical

Cameron O’Neill and Emmet Nichols are excellent Illuminati villains, with O’Neill the sidekick to Nichols’ evil straight man. Alana Tranter is their opposite, but unfortunately her voice gets somewhat lost in the room. Natasha York also makes an excellent sidekick to Tranter with an excellent hip hop song.

It’s hard to fathom the talent of the performers in improvising an entire hour of musical theatre, complete with hilariously impressive dances, accents, characters and of course, songs.

In the end, all I can say about the Completely Improvised Musical is that you should see it. A review can’t really do the Impromptunes team justice.


Impromptunes’ The Completely Improvised Musical runs from the 26th March to the 19th April at the Music Room in Trades Hall. Tickets start from $18: get them from the MICF website, ring Ticketmaster on 1300 660 013, or get tickets at the door.

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