Review: Comedy Good Time

2 years ago
Aidan Johnson

Hidden away beneath Flinders Street is a tiny venue, where three comedians throw themselves into their shows with gusto. Fun and enjoyable, the Comedy Good Time show starts early enough in the evening to ensure you can start your evening on a good note.

Three performers for the price of one meant that the audience had three distinct styles of humour. However, all three did still have a distinct level of “Australian-ness” about them. Not the outer suburban or rural humour, but instead a reflection of metropolitan Australia. They all examined different perspectives of the urban Australian, and played those out for laughs – all in an indirect fashion (they were simply telling stories of their lives, but this provided a nice cross-section of urban Australia).

The space lent itself very well to the style of comedy being presented – unpolished but “real”. The venue essentially had no space between the audience and performers, and whilst they were waiting the performers themselves were in the audience. The audience could hear the sound and tech person laughing as well – perhaps not professional on their part, but it certainly added to the ambience of the place.

The only negative critique I have was that the humour would be that there was a bit too much familiarity of the audience with the comedians on a personal level. This meant that there were elements of the three shows that would be irrelevant to people not in these circles, whilst also contributing to a slight nervous energy from all the performers. It is always much easier to perform in front of absolute strangers rather than people you have to go and speak to after the show is done.

Overall, a decent way to start an evening. Three comedians for the price of one, with a particular 21st century, metropolitan Australian edge, and a friendly audience that is always willing to laugh, is a way to have a ensure a good night.

Comedy Good Time runs until 21 April 2019 as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. To get tickets and for more information, head to the MICF website.

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