Review: Chelsea Zeller – High Achievers

4 years ago
Stacey Waters

Lyn Howard is here to change your life – because everyone is miserable and they just don’t know it yet until they meet her. High Achievers is a fantastically blending array of sketches by Chelsea Zeller that manage to showcase both a superb writing and acting ability

The show itself is a mimic of a motivational speaker’s talk. Zeller embodies the roles of numerous speakers, and however the one that stands out the most has to be the host of the evening, Lyn Howard. Sharply dressed, with a strong personality and can-do attitude, Lyn Howard is here to show you how to change your life for the better – by realising that happiness does not exist.











From this point onwards, Zeller transitions flawlessly into numerous different characters (the motivational speakers of the evening) from a one armed softly spoken woman to a strong accented, typical Australian bloke cricketer. It’s quite amazing to see Zeller’s personality change within seconds, the lights dim between characters and all that changes visually is either Zeller’s hairstyle or whether she’s wearing her blazer or not. However from the instant she speaks the character is formed, every word manages to shape a personality from the get-go, not to mention both her posturing and general attitude.

A favourite of the night, obvious by the crowd’s reaction, was the young rapper character, bragging about his sweet tracks and rough (pretty upper-class) upbringing before treating the audience to a new song – something that can only be heard to understand just how side-splittingly hilarious it was.

Any that find themselves turned off by the thought of sketch shows and the possible audience participation they entail need not be afraid of High Achievers, the small amount of audience participation is quick and to the point, requiring nothing more than a raised hand or one word reply.

High Achievers is one of those sketch shows that will please almost everyone, the majority of the audience left still chuckling in amusement – no doubt all with their own favourite character that appeared that night.


High Achievers is showing at the Tasma Terrace as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival from April 10th to the 23rd. Tickets can be purchased here.

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