Review: ‘Bunny’ by Annika Glac + Chance to WIN!

8 years ago
Sharona Lin


Bunny is the latest film from local Director/Writer Annika Glac, whom some might know from her previous work Belladonna. Kasia Mazurek (also of Belladonna) and Tomasz Borkowski star in this unusual love story that also reflect on the unlikely interconnected nature of life.

I had a chance to sit down with Annika last week, and discuss the film:

4d8c7b3549b629425259459b8d98cb53“I knew Kasia’s character was very much like a bunny – very lovely, soft, gentle, lives in the moment, sort of innocent – and I knew her partner – he is really like a fox, fast, and sly. So I though, “I want to write about them; is the Fox ever going to have a relationship with the Bunny, when he’s programed to kill her?”. And so that’s how they were born, literally out of the incarnate characters of the people.

He’ll leave prison and want to have a very uncomplicated life, and I thought, “he’s not going to get away with it, how am I going to complicate his life?” and within the first ten minutes he gets so entangled in this strange situation that goes down and down and down, and before he knows it he’s wearing the clothes of the man he killed.”



And a strange situation it is; Blanka (Mazurek) is pregnant, and her fiance is gone. Out on the wintry Warsaw street she wearily hands out advertising flyers, dressed as a Bunny. When she faints, Alex (Borkowski), fresh out of prison, rushes to her aid. Desperate to earn money he joins forces with the Bunny and becomes the Fox. But Alex has a secret, a brutal mistake that intertwined their lives long before they ever met. Will the truth ever come out? Or will Alex use his Fox-like cunning to escape his responsibilities?

The film is in Polish with English subtitles, although often there’s minimal dialogue, many scenes relying heavily on dramatic framing and non-verbal language, at which both stars excel. It also highlights the incredible quality of the writing and direction from Glac.

And here’s something else that’s awesome:
Glass Kingdom Films are giving the chance to win an 18 carat gold jeweled BUNNY worth $4950 made specially by master jeweler Claire Taylor. All you have to do is purchase the film, and solve a series of seven clues released on their blog. Only two have been released so far.


‘Bunny’ is available to order on DVD, or through the iTunes store.

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