Review: Brianna Williams – La Petite Merde

4 years ago
Stacey Waters

La Petite Merde is one of the oddest sketch shows that you may see at Melbourne International Comedy Festival this year. It is however, also one of the most brilliant and most likely the only show in which you’ll be able to see a tiny girl manage to show two croissants into her mouth in one go.

Brianna Williams utterly exhumes energy and positivity, from the beginning of her show in which she enters to a vaguely French song and brings out objects vaguely related to France (also probably the only connection to the French title of the show that there is) there is already a strong giggle emitting form the audience at her quirky charm.

La Petite Merde is not quite the same as other sketch shows you’ll see, from the beginning we are treated to Williams introducing herself to the audience and speaking at rapid fire about moments from her life – from her disappointment at not being able to be a police officer to bullying from her sister. It’s an odd set up for a show and despite the laughs there was a slight air of confusion about what exactly was happening.

The first character appears when Williams announces she will start a sketch, draping on an item of clothing that sits upon the numerous props on the small stage. This is a show that is quite heavy on audience participation, and luckily that night the crowd seemed to be fully happy to get involved – there is the potential for awkwardness with an uninterested crowd.

Williams breaks the fourth wall on numerous occasions, happily turning to speak to the audience about something mentioned beforehand and proudly saying when a particular sketch is finished. Oddly enough this works perfectly for the show, melding in exactly with Williams’s bright and blunt attitude.

The timing and structure of this show are no less than brilliant, as the hour progresses it becomes clear that Williams’ long talk at the start about her life were numerous set ups for the sketches that were to appear. Everything ties up perfectly by the end and it shows that no moment throughout the production was wasted; every word was intentionally placed in order to refer back to later on.

La Petite Merde is wonderfully original and odd, definitely a must for those that enjoy an interactive show and the idea of playing a part. Williams’s positive attitude is almost infectious and every member of the audience left happy and smiling.


La Petite Merde is showing at The Imperial & The Butterfly Club as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival from April 5th to the 23rd. Tickets can be purchased here.

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