Review: BOOR, “a charming and captivating 2D platformer”

4 years ago
Sharona Lin

Some of the best indie games in the last decade have been platformers: PortalLimboBraid, Super Meat Boy. Now comes BOOR, a charming and captivating 2D platformer.

Dazlog Studio knows that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel—or the genre—to make a great game. BOOR is simple: you play a young girl who lands on Eden, a world under siege from a malfunctioning AI. To defeat BOOR, she needs to make her way through over 80 rooms, filled with traps, tricks and secrets, in four acts.

The game is beautiful, with lovely hand-drawn rooms. It clearly takes inspiration from games like Limbo, but without as suspenseful an atmosphere — deaths aren’t nearly as gruesome, and most of the traps and obstacles aren’t hidden.

Your character has the power to multiply herself: you can send a ghostly double to do things your regular self can’t do. However, your double will only last so long, and you are defenceless while the double is active.

BOOR is an enchanting little game. It’s clean and beautiful, with a gorgeous original soundtrack produced by Paltian (Jacobo Cáceres).

The only real problem I have with it is that it’s relatively short and simple. It’s hard to not compare this game to Limbo — it’s such a clear inspiration — and although the comparison is unfair, BOOR‘s rooms are relatively easy: you don’t need more than a few tries at a room to beat it.

Unfair comparisons aside, BOOR is a fun, quick play which will leave you wanting more.

For more information or to get BOOR, visit the Steam page.

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