Review: Blake Everett – King of Nothing

4 years ago
Sharona Lin

There’s nothing that makes you feel like a loser more than someone younger than you being more successful. Even if it is an entirely different field.

That’s what Blake Everett plays on in King of Nothing, starting with a song about how he’s better than you – even if you’re a doctor, or a lawyer, or you know, anyone else except for him.

At the age of nineteen, where most people are in the middle of uni, Blake is on his “second gap year”, as he calls it. But obviously comedy is his passion. Even at nineteen, he is far more polished than a lot of comedians who have been around longer, both on the comedy circuit and in life in general.

His show King of Nothing is a perfect blend of stand-up, musical comedy and a little bit of sketch, with some audiovisual fun thrown in for good effect. The show starts strong, but loses its way a little in the second half, after a four minute audio gag in which Blake goes to the bathroom (in Germany). I’m loathe to criticise it after Blake namechecks another reviewer who also didn’t like it, but well, here we are.


A measure of a good comedian is how well they handle hecklers. Blake had a doozy of a heckler, who he handled with aplomb – more than once. His easy, good-natured manner helps defuse the tension, and he makes the audience laugh without getting the heckler offside. Well worth the price of admission.


Blake Everett’s King of Nothing is on until 22 April – get tickets online or at the door.

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