Review: The Big-HOO-HAA! Cliffhanger

5 years ago
Stacey Waters

The delight I experience when finding out a show will be hosted at The Butterfly Club is hard to explain. The venue is decked out with so many ‘knick-knacks’, for lack of a better word, and bright lights that before you even get in to sit down you’re already feeling entertained and happy. The Big HOO-HAA! carried on this delightful atmosphere, matching and using the scenery of the venue to create one highly entertaining and laugh inducing show.


For this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival Show, the acclaimed improv group The Big Hoo Haa are performing in two competing teams. The Bones and The Hearts, with the audience ultimately deciding on the winner of the evening. There is a distinct lack of competition spirit in the air however, as both teams happily jump in to improve the other’s scenes, offering sound effects or extra players on stage. The entire night feels fun, not just for us in the seats but also for everyone on stage.

The premise of the show is simple. There are two teams; each individual from each team will have the chance to begin a scene with a prompt from the audience. After seeing all the scenes the audience will then vote one off, following the remaining players on stage will continue on with a second scene from their original story and so on until all have been voted out except for one and we finally see the ending of one story.

The theme of the night, and subsequent title of the show is Cliffhangers. MC Matt Saraceni cuts short each scene at a nail biting, edge of your seat cliffhanger line, leaving the audience needing more! The great genius behind a show like this one, is that the premise each night and layout of the show will remain the same but due to the brilliant impromptu nature of the performers every show will be something new entirely.

The quick wit and talent of the performers are extraordinary with surprise bursts of laughter leaving each member of the audience throughout the night. You really can’t go wrong with a musical montage fight scene, starring cats versus helicopters. In the words of MC Saraceni “Eat your heart out Andrew Lloyd Webber.”

The Big HOO-HAA! will be at The Butterfly Club with Cliffhanger every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night 24th March – 16th April as part of The Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets can be purchased here




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