Review: Becky Lucas – Little Bitch

4 years ago
Til Knowles

Comedian Becky Lucas’ persona is an archetypal millennial in many ways. She’s seemingly effortlessly cool and funny, even while openly discussing the ways in which she is anxious, unsure and unfunny. It’s a delicate balance that Lucas nails onstage, appearing as both aloof and relatable.

Little Bitch is Lucas’ third Melbourne International Comedy Festival show, and she’s also opened for Wil Anderson, Joel Creasy and Jim Norton, as well as writing for the critically acclaimed Please Like Me and Matt Okine’s upcoming show. Her experience shows. Her material isn’t heavy, hard-hitting, moralistic comedy. Instead Lucas deals in the every day, light-hearted but still ‘real’. Topics veer through housemates, dating, drinking, and her life as stand up comedian.

Even in the dingy basement room of the Victoria Hotel, Lucas holds a full audience captivated with her off-hand mannerisms and tightly constructed jokes. Don’t let her laissez-faire attitude fool you – Lucas is always in control of the space, the material and the audience. Even if you’re polite, she’s not particularly interested in your heckles. The crowd, regardless of their age, are always on Lucas’ side; they’re either relating to her experiences or learning something about the ‘youth’.

Little Bitch is an assured hour of laughter, head nodding and the occasional grimace as Lucas shares those awkward-but-hilarious moments from her life.


Little Bitch is on at the Victoria Hotel at 7:15 pm until 23 April as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets are available online, at the venue or at the festival box office.

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