Review: Bart Freebairn – Unlimited Comedy Battle Spirit

5 years ago
Til Knowles

Bart Freebairn is back again at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival with his trademark Unlimited Comedy Battle Spirit! A seasoned comedian and veteran performer, Freebairn is reliably funny. Following up on last year’s Ultra Power Lord, the stand up’s new show has less of a through-line and more of a throwaway sense of freedom.


Freebairn’s style is a left of field variant on standard stand up. He’s the perfect mix of absurd and confessional, great for those looking for something a little more oddball than Nick Cody but a little safer than Demi Lardner (both of whom Freebairn podcasts with regularly). Freebairn’s set is well constructed and tight, even without an ongoing theme. The content of his jokes is observational, and there’s often a palpable beat when the crowd collectively thinks ‘oh, yeah!’ before returning to their laughter. The Friday night crowd took a little while to warm to him, but Freebairn won them over with a gentle pat on the back and his cheeky smile.

Like a madman, Freebairn is performing every single night of the festival, so there’s no excuse to miss him.

Bart Freebairn Ultimate Comedy Battle Spirit is on at the Imperial Hotel at 9:15pm until April 17th. Tickets cost $15 – $25 and are available online and at the Imperial box office. 

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