Review: Bad Luck Cabaret – Laurie Black

3 years ago
Stacey Waters

Like many shows at the Butterfly Club, a bar and venue that is quirky and a just a little bit weird, Bad Luck Cabaret is perfectly suited to its venue. Performed by Laurie Black, Bad Luck Cabaret is an entertaining night of singing, piano playing, guest comedians and a clothes making competition (trust me, not as out of place as it sounds).

Laurie Black herself, a talented singer and piano player that hails from the UK, is gracing this years’ Melbourne International Comedy Festival with her Bad Luck Cabaret. With an unique dress sense and personality, Black is instantly charming as she takes to the stage with her first musical number based around bad luck. Not only is she a charismatic figure, she is also quite talented in the music department, impressively belting out songs as she plays the accompanying piano.

Bad Luck Cabaret is an interesting show as it combines both Black’s unique cabaret style with guest comedians who bring a different sort of atmosphere to the performance that is quite refreshing. The first guest performer of the night is Lisa-Skye, who immediately takes to the stage to lament the fact that Black is such a good singer and performer. Lisa-Skye is able to instantly connect to the audience – treating her portion of the show as almost a chat with members of the crowd – albeit a very funny chat. It felt almost like a preview of her own solo show, which going by what we saw during Bad Luck Cabaret, must be quite entertaining and worth the watch. Next up is Jamie McKayla, a pint-sized performer with an instrument to match. Armed with only an ukulele and a set of lungs, McKayla takes to the stage with a range of mesmerising, folky songs, all which are received by the audience to rounds of applause.

The style of Bad luck Cabaret is clever, the guest performers each night lend a change in pace to the show and offer something new from what the audience may be expecting from the night.


Bad Luck Cabaret is showing at The Butterfly Club 9th – 13th April as part of the 2018 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets can be purchased via the MICF website.

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