Review: Bad Accents and Inconsistent Mimes – Xavier Michelides

6 years ago
Til Knowles

Xavier Michelides has gone back to comedy basics with his 2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival show. Bad Accents and Inconsistent Mimes is an hour of straight up jokes, tied loosely together by the way in which Michelides tells them – with bad accents and inconsistent mimes. It’s a change from his previous Comedy Festival shows, which have had stronger narrative threads and themes.

Michelides has a fantastic goofball stage presence. Positively merry, he hops about the little stage upstairs at the Imperial Hotel with exuberance. It’s a contrast to his appearance, the bald head, beard and thick Ray Ban-esque glasses suggest a more stoic, slow and still comedian. Instead, Michelides bounces quickly between each chunk of material, pulling the audience along like a child dragging their parent by the arm through a supermarket. Michelides’ voice is energetic too; many of the bits incorporate his excellent vocal control and sense of sound for bigger laughs. As the title suggests however, he’s not so good at accents.

Xavier M Comedy Festival

Stylistically, the jokes are a hybrid of standard stand up observational humour, absurdity and character sketches. Michelides points at a topic and pokes it until it jiggles. Bad Accents and Inconsistent Mimes is a neatly written show. The content covers everything from one year old birthday parties to potential criminals, light hearted topics explored by a solid comic talent.

Bad Accents and Inconsistent Mimes feels like classic comedy. It won’t change your life, but it neither tries to nor needs to. Michelides is content being tear jerkingly funny without making you cry.

Bad Accents and Inconsistent Mimes is on at 7pm at the Imperial Hotel until April 12th. Tickets are available online and at the door. They cost between $15 and $22.

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