Review: Annie Louey – Before I Forget

2 years ago
Til Knowles

Annie Louey is pretty forgetful. Apparently, so are most millennials – our memory is worse than those over 55! In her second Melbourne International Comedy Festival show, Louey explores what it’s like being forgetful, and how that can impact everything from showering to family history.

Louey is comfortable on stage, though she admits she’s only been doing comedy ‘full time’ since January this year. It’s a huge step for any young comedian, but one Louey has taken with well-deserved confidence, and a good dollop of excitement. She know this is exactly what she wants to be doing, and her self-assurance and happiness are infectious. With Louey on stage, the audience is instantly smiling, and it’s not long before she turns those smiles into laughter.

Louey is a classic observational stand up, weaving stories from her own life around facts and broader anecdotes. There’s a lot of millennial material in Before I Forget, but thankfully there’s not a single smashed avocado reference. Instead, Louey leverages her own experiences into thoughtful observations and delightful punchlines, letting both the feeling and ridiculousness of each situation speak more or less for itself. It’s honest without being overly sentimental, and while the stories feel real and genuine, at no point does Louey pause the jokes for the sake of making a serious point. Louey’s emotional honesty is layered with punchlines, which is a real skill, especially for a comic only on her second solo hour.

Louey uses game show techniques to engage her audience in a very gentle, welcoming way – there’s a bit of friendly competition, but it’s all for the sake of a laugh, and none of it is at anybody’s expense. There’s also a slide show, which Louey uses to show some truly stunning photographs taken by her father, and to talk through the results of her survey of forgetfulness.

Before I Forget is a thoroughly enjoyable hour of stand up from one of Melbourne’s best up and comers. Louey gets labels like that a lot, and it’s easy to see why – her material is amicable, relatable and funny. She’s a surefire success with every audience.


Before I Forget is on at 9:45pm at the Chinese Museum until 21 April as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets are available at the venue or via the MICF website.

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