Review: Andy Balloch – My Comedy Festival Show

3 years ago
Stacey Waters

Andy Balloch’s solo sketch performance for this year’s comedy festival – My Comedy Festival Show – is an interesting choice, because, as Balloch mentions numerous times throughout this is not a comedy show. It is, however, hilarious and heartfelt.

My Comedy Festival Show is one that Balloch has created in order to express the insecurities he has felt since a young age. Throughout you will most likely find yourself agreeing with his statements, nodding along a little as he recounts failed relationships and the decision making processes that managed to get him to those points. Balloch is incredibly heartfelt during these times –  laying himself bare with seemingly no fear. This is something that is refreshing to see during a festival season where most performers choose to cover up their true personalities with stories and jokes; Balloch instead chooses to reveal all his insecurities for the audience.

Despite the somewhat serious nature of the show – it does not mask the fact that Balloch is a hilarious performer. Intercepting the monologue moments that are mentioned above, are inserts of ‘what didn’t make it into the show,’ short little sketches of different characters and scenarios. All bring the audience to laughter every time, along with the exceedingly silly puns and props that are used to accentuate the ridiculousness of it all.

There is occasionally a little bit of awkward silence at moments due to the interceding pattern of serious monologue and silly sketches – moments where the audience is unsure whether to laugh or look concerned. While My Comedy Festival Show is, as Balloch says, not a comedy show – it is part of the comedy festival and may not be quite what one would be expecting when heading in to see it.

My Comedy Festival Show is a brave performance piece from Balloch and a definite must see for anyone that likes a little honesty with their comedy.


My Comedy Festival Show is showing 28th March – 9th April at The Croft Institute as part of the 2018 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets can be purchased here.


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