Review: Also-Ran – Elizabeth Davie

6 years ago
Sharona Lin

I did not know what an also-ran was until I sat down to watch Elizabeth Davie’s first solo show upstairs in the Croft Institute. In case you didn’t know, it’s a person who takes part in a race but doesn’t come first, second or third. Or last. So, if you’re not Taylor Swift or Beyonce, chances are that you’re an also-ran.

Davie is an also-ran, and to stop being a loser and start being a winner, she got a life coach who told her that she is the composite of the people she spends the most time with, which informs 50 minutes of Davie’s stand up – she reminisces about some truly embarrassing low points in her life, including her previous worst nightmare that came true, and ponders the effect that various people have had in her life.

Elizabeth Davie Comedy Festival

Most people will be familiar with the feeling of not doing particularly well in life, and while perhaps not so many can relate to having a life coach, many of Davie’s experiences and thoughts – getting drunk and embarrassing oneself, being too afraid to face someone or something – are very relatable, especially to fellow Gen Y audience members. There’s also a lot of talk about Davie is natural and very easy to listen to when she’s on stage. Her show is well structured around a specific idea, meaning it’s easy to follow her from A to B without wondering why this anecdote is relevant or how we got onto that topic in the first place.

Davie’s still relatively new to solo stand-up, but she’s got talent and relatable tales in spades. Also-ran is for anyone who has ever done something they regret while drunk, or who needs a push to stand up for themselves or try new things. So, pretty much everyone.


Also-ran is at the Croft Institute until the 19th – get tickets online or at the door.

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