Review: I Need An Adult – Kelly Fastuca

6 years ago
Til Knowles

Kelly Fastuca is a boisterous presence onstage. Performing in a tiny space to an overfilled room at the Grand Mercure Hotel’s Downstairs Lounge, she bounces about with the glee of a sold out show tingling in the atmosphere. The thirty-three year old bespectacled Australian stand up has spent the last five years living in New York, yet it doesn’t seem to have affected her comedic sensibilities at all.

In many ways, Fastuca is a “blokey” comic. Which is not to say she is pandering to a masculine audience, but rather that she utilises that stereotype to discuss a wide range of topics, making each more relatable than they might be otherwise. She adopts the traditional Aussie friendly tone to joke about everything from hipsters to childbirth, and it’s surprising that the phrase “oi yeah nah fuck off” doesn’t actually appear in the show. Fastuca is blunt and open about her own life, from her sexual experiences to her alcohol preferences, and many audience members nod so frequently and so hard they may need medical help later.

Kelly Fastuca Comedy Festival cover

Fastuca’s age is relevant because of the way she uses it; at a time when many of her friends are having children and starting families, Fastuca is considering her own position in the mature adult world, hence the title. But Fastuca is an adult, and one with a career and a successful comedy show on her hands to boot.


I Need An Adult is on in the Downstairs Lounge at 9:45pm from March 26th until April 19th every evening except Mondays. Tickets range between $15 and $20, and are available online and at the door.

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