Review: A Book Lover’s Comedy Show

2 years ago
Stacey Waters

A Booklover’s Comedy Show sounds like a dream show for any Melbourne bibliophile. Boasting of a compilation show that revolves entirely around comedians and storytellers discussing and joking on anything book related. A great show in theory, but possibly let down a little at the final execution.

Tucked into one of the smaller rooms at Tasma Terrace, George Dimarelos, the MC and creator of A Booklover’s Comedy Show described the venue of that alike to a cosy living room. A description and atmosphere very suited to the topic of books. Especially considering the number of book clubs that appeared to be in the audience during the opening night.

As the MC of the show, Dimarelos captured the audience’s attention for the majority of the night, bounding on stage with an abundance of literature related gags and puns that brought about laughter and groans alike. While not a show heavy on audience interaction there are a few moments within that Dimarelos approached the crowd for favourite book suggestions and oddly enough, for an apparently book loving crowd, most of the audience chose to remain silent. Slightly awkward for a moment but cleverly filled by Dimarelos shortly afterwards.

 Unfortunately the very broad theme of the show, books, seemed to be missed by a few of the comedians gracing the stage that night. While they did touch briefly on the topic of books, it was merely a segue into a seemingly unrelated topic. This was something the audience very much did not relate with, a very strong silence taking over for the majority of their spots. The show was almost saved however by the final act of the night who seemed to appreciate and take in the theme accurately. Basing all his comedic material primarily around the topic of books – not using them as a way into a different conversation.

A Booklover’s Comedy Show is a strong premise but relies heavily on the rotating bill of performers and their ability to create material that is solely related to books. A theme that the majority of the audience is there to see. Definitely a show for any bookworms during the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

A Booklover’s Comedy Show is showing at Tasma Terrace from 8th April – 21st April as part of the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets can be purchased at the venue or via the comedy festival website.

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