Review: 99 Schnitzels (Veal Ain’t One) – Joshua Glanc

6 years ago
Stacey Waters

Joshua Glanc has a funny looking face. At least that’s what he was told by a fellow employee when he mentioned he was doing comedy. That’s not the only thing funny about Glanc in the slightest; his one man sketch show, 99 Schnitzels (Veal Ain’t One) is a combination of impressions and visual humour, the stage decked out with a projection screen, lightning and audio, all used frequently throughout the act.

Glanc has the ability to seamlessly fall into each character, none of the audience having to feel around and make guesses at what exactly he is trying to be. His interpretation of a creepy lollypop man, Indian cleaner and flamboyant South American entertainer are just a few that can be named, all of them used to bring their own persona and comedic value to the show.

Joshua Glanc

A particular audience member that made the choice to snag a front row seat pays for this as soon as Glanc begins, the man being brought back up for numerous sketches throughout the night. Glanc utilises the audience throughout the entire show, working them into his sketches flawlessly and creating a interactive atmosphere.

The layout of the show is good, however a few sketches leave a little to be desired and it would have been nice to see all of Glanc’s characters make an appearance in the end sketch, tying the show together entirely. Without this it was left a little lacking, a feel that there should maybe have been a little more. The use of a few racial stereotypes seems a little contrived and cheap too – nothing particularly groundbreaking.

Overall Glanc has a commanding stage presence, keeping you entertained from the start to the finish, his earnest appreciation once the show is over leaving the audience happy they were there.

99 Schnitzels is playing at Tuxedo Cat until 19th April. Get tickets online or at the door.

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