Review: 3D Pop Art @ ArtBoy Gallery

3 years ago
Stacey Waters

ArtBoy Gallery is a destination for many in the know. A quick walk from both Prahan Station and Chapel street, the gallery is cosy but inviting – with space that allows guests to full immerse themselves in the current exhibitions. The gallery can be counted on to deliver fascinating exhibitions with a pop-culture twist. The most recent exhibition from Frantz Kantor, 3D Pop Art, is no different.

With over 100 pieces of artwork decorating the walls of the gallery, the pop-culture theme of the pieces themselves would be enough to draw anyone in. However, this exhibition is a little different – when entering the gallery you’ll find traditional 3D anaglyph glasses scattered about that guests are encouraged to put on.


It’s at this moment that the already impressive artwork will jump out before your eyes, as all pieces have been created in Frantz’s signature 3D style. It’s hard to pick a favourite, though many may find themselves to the numerous Game of Thrones pieces, or even the impressively accurate Stranger Things piece (as a warning though, the demogorgon tends to jump out quite impressively with the added 3D affect).

The retro feel of the exhibition is balanced nicely by the ability to view the sketches beneath a number of the artworks – by using the HP reveal app (the appropriate log in details can be accessed at the gallery) it allows you to view the original sketches on your phone when holding it up to the corresponding pieces. It’s a great touch that gives the entire exhibition that little something extra.


3D Pop Art will be exhibited at ArtBoy Gallery, 99 Greville St Prahan, from 16th March – 25th March. Entry is free.

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