Review: 30 – Jeff Green

3 years ago
Aidan Johnson

Jeff Green is an established comedian who has honed his craft over the years – and it shows with his performance in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Adaptable to suit the room, Green’s style and mannerisms both follow as well as guide the audience’s reactions. When watching Green perform, it is easy to settle into your role as a viewer because he knows how to read and handle an audience. The British accent is also something that doesn’t get old either.

British comedians who have stayed in Australian a long time are an interesting bunch. They are able to make jokes about local places that people know, and ridicule things like accents, local events, and other Australianisms, but still at the same time they are still marked as foreigners by their accents, and so it feels a little bit of an attack by an alien on something that is ours. This is obviously a ridiculous sentiment, because the jokes are still funny. That being said, Green had such a diverse range of material that those slightly uncomfortable moments were fleeting and rare.

Green is a classic stand-up act in every way. His material didn’t break any boundaries and didn’t try to be overly offensive or ridiculous. Although the jokes were solid and there, they were at times almost a little tried, although there was enough original content to make it interesting. Perhaps this author is too postmodern for Green’s everyman, accessible style, but some of the audience’s laughter did feel a little forced at times, which is never ideal. That being said, there was plenty of actual laughing as well. Green is a man who obviously knows what he is about.

Overall, a solid performance, and one that will certainly draw crowds (and deservedly so). If you are after a solid night of stand-up comedy, then Jeff Green is your man. What the show lacks in zany or innovative gimmicks it makes up for in content, which for most MICF goers will be the point of the evening – good laughs, not too much heavy thinking, and a good time.


30 is on at the Swiss Club until 22 April as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets, show details and accessibility information can be found via the MICF website.

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