Review: Don’t Get Up

5 years ago
Stacey Waters

Kelly Fastuca claims she’s good at everything and great at nothing. I can’t say for certain this is true; one thing she’s definitely great at is filling a room.

The Downstairs Lounge at The Grand Mercure Hotel is tiny, the audience small and intimate with Fastuca barely a metre away on a minuscule, makeshift stage. Once the show begins, Fastuca’s large personality comes out, filling the room so completely it almost feels a little claustrophobic. Her joyful and energetic exclamations throughout are enough themselves to bring a smile to your face as she recalls her sad tales of pooping and running.

Fastuca herself is a charming individual; her energy is engaging and inquisitive as she casually engages the audience members, without the customary awkwardness that causes most people to avoid sitting in the front seats. It’s this easy personality trait that contributes to the large laughs that fill the room throughout the night: not a single joke goes flat, and even smaller moments still incite the same reaction from the crowd.


The material itself is honest and relatable, with those in the audience nodding along in agreement regarding her quips of avoiding the gym and being left alone with her own thoughts. A portion of her show is dedicated to a bit about moving to New York and at the always entertaining (and/or frustrating) journey of attempting finding a job and realising what you want from life. This real-life snapshot is an easy look into the process and workings of Fastuca’s mind, allowing us as the audience a better understanding of her and thus of her material.

The only criticism of the night is the flow of some of the material feels a little jumbled and off topic at moments, with Fastuca seemingly getting distracted at times by another story altogether. The other note would just be the size of the room again; Fastuca holds such and large personality and stage presence that it could easily fill a much larger room while still retaining the charm and intimacy of a small gig.

Don’t Get Up is 50 minutes of Fastuca’s life, filled with the ups and downs of moving countries and the awkward moments that follow. The only downside of the evening is the end of the show when you reluctantly get up and leave despite the want to continue listening.


Kelly Fastuca will be at The Downstairs lounge @ The Grand Mercure Hotel 24th march – 3rd April as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets can be purchased here

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