Review: Paul Noodle PhD candidate – Red Noodle Blue

2 years ago
Stacey Waters

Paul Noodle, PhD Candidate. The legend himself is back for another year at Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Following on from last years’ show – Into the Abyss, this year’s is possibly an even more hilarious time for the audience. The defining factor of last year’s show was that it was Jacob Sacher and Jack McGorlick’s first foray together into the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with the accompanying genius of Paul Noodle, Phd. Candidate. It seems that applying any criticisms from last year has allowed them to craft a near perfect show this year. 

This year in Red Noodle Blue, Paul Noodle is missing in time, and it’s up to Sacher and McGorlick to hunt him down through the eras. The use of such simple props throughout the show lend such a high level of hilarity to the end performance – primarily because of both performers on stage. Their skill at sketch comedy is at a level that any motion is enough to send the audience into reams of laughter – a mood that never really calmed during the entirety of the show. 

Sacher and McGorlick switch easily into new personas throughout, bouncing off each other’s energy to the delight of the crowd. There is a skill worked into the show that allows any mistakes to be easily sidestepped or worked into the material – which leaves the audience none the wiser to any possible slip ups that may have occurred. There’s no fear of the awkward silences during this performance. If anything Sacher and McGorlick seem to relish in them, playing on the uncomfortable pauses throughout to bring about a bigger impact in a later joke. 

It may not be the best show for those that aren’t a huge fan of audience participation – the size of the stage and the seating space means that you’re probably going to get a bit close to the performers at one point or another. That said – they both seem to be able to pick out those happy to participate as no one appeared uncomfortable throughout. 

Red Noodle Blue is a near perfect example of great sketch comedy – while there are defined sketches throughout, unlike some shows it all ties together to tell a (though, absurd) clear story from start to finish. Definitely a highly recommended show for this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival. 


Red Noodle Blue is showing at Tasma Terrace from 26th March – 7th April as part of the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets can be purchased via the comedy festival website or at the venue. 

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