Outside: The Cloud – Week 1

4 years ago
Aidan Johnson

Adventures are always fun – especially those adventures which allow you to think critically and explore your own city in ways that you hadn’t considered previously. Enter Outside: The Cloud, an engaging and fun game that started on January the 23rd and will run until the 26th of March. The game channels The Amazing Race TV show and puzzle/adventure games – except played out on the cityscape of urban inner city Melbourne.

Outside: The Cloud is a fun and engaging way to get people to not only explore Melbourne, but have fun whilst doing so. Although still in the early stages of the game, mystery surrounds experiments and environmental damage abound, as does a radical revolutionary organisation fighting against corporations. The plot, so far, is quite engaging, and being an active part of it is something that makes it feel very “real”.

Certainly one of the more fun ways to spend a couple of months in Melbourne.

On Day 1, after figuring out exactly where the first clue was held, we undertook a series of “missions” in that area. Although a little bit of walking was needed (through some very nice scenery it should be added), the various clues were able to be found. There is a good balance between having clues that are not painfully obvious, and impossible to find. And if you do have troubles, there are people who have come before you to offer handy hints!

Unfortunately for the game, it is weather dependent. As one can imagine, in Melbourne this can be a problem – considering that “four seasons in one day” is not an uncommon expression for the city. On the 23rd for example, the weather was oppressively hot, and even though there was no running around madly, the heat of the day did impact on the speed at which the tasks were completed.

Overall, a fun way to spend late Summer and early Autumn so far. Definitely worthwhile if you want to get out and about and see Melbourne like you have never seen before.


Outside: The Cloud is playable until March 26. Tickets available at Outside: The Cloud.

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