News: Walking Dead Monopoly Released

7 years ago
Aidan Johnson

Monopoly has just become a lot more interesting, following the release of Monopoly: The Walking Dead Survival Edition. Based off the comics The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman, the game combines the entrepreneurial skill of monopoly with the survival skills needed for the zombie apocalypse, such as defending one’s property from brain eating hordes of the undead and zombies!

With numerous sites and landmarks from the comic series as the property, and the pieces items such as a bucket of limbs or Sheriff Rick’s hat, the game brings the apocalypse feel closer to home. On top of this, there is no money involved – the players trade in essential supplies such as food, ammunition and fuel. Instead of the traditional houses and hotels, property is defended by walls and guard towers, which defends their property from marauding zombies. The winner is the player who outlives his or her competition, whether that competition is alive or undead.


Also included in the game are six collectable tokens, optional speed play rules, and a fight to the finish!

The new game has been made available courtesy of Diamond Comic Distributors, Kirkmanís imprint at Image Comics, and Skybound. It will be available at comic stores. Other Walking Dead merchandise to purchase, including comics, apparel, toys and collectables, can be purchased from comic stores, or through Diamond Comic Distributerís Preview Catalogue.

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