News: Nowhere Boys Coming Soon to ABC 3

7 years ago
Aidan Johnson

From November 7th on ABC 3, a new show from Matchbox Pictures will be showing every Thursday night at 6:30 pm. The new show is called Nowhere Boys, and is a fantasy and action film aimed at a teenage audience. The show was previewed at the Melbourne International Film Festival, and received highly positive feedback, and has been described by Crikey’s Luke Buckmaster as something that “both grownups and adolescents will find addictive viewing.”

The 13-part series that focuses on the adventures of four teenage boys who get lost in a forest and discover that they have slipped into an alternate dimension. However, in this alternate universe, none of them have ever been born. With executive producers Michael McMahon and Helen Panckhurst, the series will feature a wide array of directors, actors and writers, with some receiving nominations for their previous work.

The show is unique among television programs in Australia, as alongside the television series; there is also an interactive online game to accompany it. The game allows the player to play as a fifth “nowhere boy”, who is lost and has to try and find his way home. Unlike other games which are based off television series or movies, the game allows the player to feel directly in control of the direction of the television show. For example, when the player passes some objects through the dimensions on the game, the object will make an appearance in the show. Said objects are often crucially used by the Nowhere Boys in the series, and will have an effect on the direction the show will take. It is important to note that the show can be watched without having to play the game; however, playing the game will help immerse the viewer/player further into the universe of that show.

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