News: House Vs Hurricane Calls It A Day

8 years ago
Sharona Lin

After nearly seven years together, post-hardcore band House Vs Hurricane have decided to split up.


A statement on their Facebook said:

The five if us could have never imagined the amount of support we have received since our beginnings from our fans, friends, families, past members and and the amazing team that has been behind us the entire way.

We see this as an exciting step more than anything else, of course it’s sad but we have been given the opportunity to travel the world, record music, meet so many amazing people and share what we do with anyone who will listen, and for that we are so so grateful and humbled.

They don’t have a farewell tour or show lined up, but will be touring with I Killed The Prom Queen and Buried in Verona later this month, as well as the River Sessions festival in Mackay.

In addition, they will be putting up a few B-sides from Crooked Teeth for free. Check out their Facebook for more information.

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