News: Hell Yeah, Veronica Mars

8 years ago
Sharona Lin

Veronica Mars has been off the air for six years, but those who watched it will remember the calm, deductive sass of Veronica Mars as she solved mysteries and navigated the dangers of high school. Just because it’s been off the air doesn’t mean that people have forgotten about it though. The Veronica Mars fanbase is still strong, as evidenced by the fact that they pledged $2 million to a Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter in less than 11 hours.

That’s awesome.

Rob Thomas (not the singer, the creator of VM) spoke to EW:

My mind is blown. I’ve been fantasising about this taking big and had to tell myself, “Stop it, Rob, you’re being silly. You’re setting yourself up for disappointment. And now today has exceeded the wildest pipe dream I let myself entertain. Holy cow. We better make a good movie. These amazing fans have stepped up. We better deliver.

And Kristen Bell also commented on fan power, saying:

I knew Veronica Mars fans were cool, but I had no idea they could rally with such power. They are unstoppable — just like Veronica. I will have a permanent blush on my face, feeling so lucky to be associated with this entire thing.


Warner Bros. Digital Distribution have agreed to put the movie into production and pay for marketing, promotion and distribution.

Rewards include scripts, DVDs, t-shirts and for $10,000, a shot at a small speaking role on camera. (That one’s already gone though, sorry.) And even though the  $2 mil has been reached, fans are still pledging.

To find out more about the upcoming movie, check out Thomas’ interview with EW. It is slated to be released in 2014.

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