Are Movies Missing Out On Some Serious Merchandise Money?

7 years ago
Sharona Lin

When a successful movie is released, it usually brings with it a slew of related consumer products. Action figures, posters, and games flood store shelves, and the more successful the movie, the more in-demand the products are.

Of course the products have to match the demographic that enjoyed the movie. When the new Spider-Man movies came out, they released new LEGO sets with a Spidey them. They also struck up a deal with McDonald’s to be the featured toys in Happy Meals.

But one of the most unique lines of products created by a movie has to be from the 50 Shades of Grey franchise. It makes perfect sense that a literary franchise and movie centering on sex would release sex-related products, and they’re obviously successful. Adam and Eve carries the line, which you can see here, and they’re clearly in demand, with hundreds of reviews submitted for the dozen or so toys.

So why hasn’t Hollywood followed suit and released adult toys in line with their films as well? Other companies are likely to take artistic license and create products “inspired” by successful films anyways. It would make sense that the production company would rather be the ones raking in the dough as opposed to someone generating income off their film’s likeness.

A little research will show you that there are a bunch of options for those that are fans of Star Wars and Star Trek, some of the biggest and most-followed franchises around. Even Marvel characters such as those from The Avengers have inspired mock ups from Hungarian artist Balázs Sármai, where each character’s toy is appropriately designed with their signature uniform.

Personally, the franchise that surprises me the most to have not taken advantage of the adult market is Transformers. Seriously, how has this not been introduced into the mainstream market yet? An awesome sex toy that can also be folded away to look like something else? You’ll never have to worry about anyone finding your secret sex stash of toys again if you were able to fold them into awesome toy cars (or something) when you put them away.

Then there’s franchises like The Matrix. The main focus is on super-computer programs that are able to change something significant in the “real” world with the press of a few keys. If I can turn lights on and off and change temperature of my room with my smartphone, shouldn’t it be easy enough to take the style of the futuristic computer design in The Matrix to do the same with an adult toy?

At the very least, studios are undoubtably aware that their movie’s namesake will be used in some creative way for the adult industry, whether it’s through an actual sex toy or a parody movie. It just seems like smart business sense to control the profits and make a mainstream product. While they might feel that they don’t want to associate the brand name with the adult industry, the fact remains that it’s going to happen regardless. And once they money starts rolling in, I’m sure they’ll be singing a different tune!

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