Monster Fest is the best thing in Melbourne this November

6 years ago
Sharona Lin

Let’s face it, Australia doesn’t really do Halloween, and we sure as hell don’t do Thanksgiving. Not that Thanksgiving really makes sense in America – it’s like, let’s eat a lot of food because we screwed over a lot of Native Americans, amirite Australians?

So let’s look at our Australian holiday calendar. It goes: New Year Hangover, Australia (Drunk Bogan) Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Spring Racing (in Melbourne, anyway) and then a sad gap until Christmas.

But you didn’t count on MONSTER FEST. Hitting Melbourne on the 20th November, Monster Fest is the result of a partnership with Screen Australia and boasts the most twisted and original of the horror genre.

The schedule is here – all screenings are held at Cinema Nova in Carlton, and all events at Yah Yahs in Collingwood. Some of the wonderful events include a Lloyd Kaufman Masterclass, a horror trivia night, and free happy hour screenings, and films include various Melbourne/Australian/world premieres, including CHARLIE’S FARM, PLAGUE and UNDER A KALEIDOSCOPE.


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