Madman Acquires SAILOR MOON, Absolutely Everything To Be Released

6 years ago
Sharona Lin

Even us uncultured in the ways of anime freaking love Sailor Moon – it is one of the most beloved, iconic anime series ever made, with one of the best magical girl protagonists ever.

Lucky for us, Madman Entertainment have acquired Sailor Moon, and literally everything is to be released, including: 200 episodes of the original series, three feature films, specials and also Sailor Moon S, Sailor Moon Super S and Sailor Moon Sailor Stars.

The uncut, uncensored release of Sailor Moon will also be in its original aspect ratio of 4:3, with all the original Japanese, as well as a new, uncut English dub with new voice cast.

They will be distributed in Australia and New Zealand on DVD, Blu-ray, date pending, and digital.

Madman will also premiere the first twelve episodes of Sailor Moon on on November 28th, with everything else being released throughout 2015.

Sailor Moon Crystal has also been acquired, and will also be streaming on AnimeLab from November 28th.

Sailor Moon, YEAH
Sailor Moon, YEAH

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