Jack Druce is “like Eddie Murphy if he was more introspective and visibly anxious.”

6 years ago
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Jack Druce has a list of comedy credits as long as his arm. Onstage since he was 15, Jack has been involved in Class Clowns and Raw Comedy, as well as writing for television shows such as Good News Week and Rove. His fifth Melbourne International Comedy Festival show, Running is Good starts later this month. I asked him some questions about running, comedy, and how best to fall over.


There’s a bit of a stereotype about writers and comedians; we hate exercise. Yet you’ve managed to make it a launching pad for your whole show. Is running really that good?

I feel like thats a poisonous myth. Socrates trained crazy hard, Hemingway was really into boxing, fishing and trekking, Hulk Hogan, author of ‘My life outside the ring’ was actually once a pro wrestler. I thing most if not all writers would agree that solitude is important, having time to examine your own thoughts and observations, and running is a great way to achieve that.

This is your fifth solo MICF show. How do you think your comedy has changed since your first one, back in 2009?

Yea when I started it was real bad. I have people come up to me and tell me they saw my first show and it feels like someone commenting on a play I did in primary school. I guess this is how everyone feels about their old work and the best case scenario is that in 5 years I’m just as embarrassed by what I do now.

You present two podcasts – Druce & Hing (with fellow comedian Michael Hing) and I’m Happy. Have they had much of an impact on your stand up?

I never really got the hang of talking freely on the mic but I had a lot of fun and it got me out of my head and forced me to talk to more people, and get better at developing ideas on the spot.

Jack Druce Running Is Good

How would you describe your style of comedy to strangers on the internet?

Like Eddie Murphy If he was more introspective and visibly anxious.

What got you into comedy, over say, professional athleticism?

Probably money; I though to myself ‘how can I avoid getting it at all cost.’

What’s the worst sporting injury you’ve had?

Not many, I’ve chipped both my front teeth playing soccer. but thats about it.

What’s the worst comedy injury you’ve had?

When I was 16 I opened for Adam Hills at a O week gig and I bombed in front of 900 students. That was no good.

Who are you looking forward to seeing at this year’s MICF?

Tony Law, he is the best.


Jack Druce’s show previews on 25th March and shows from the 26th March to 5th April. Get tickets from MICF website, from Trybooking, or at the door.

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