Interview: Otto Rot from Die Roten Punkte

7 years ago
Sharona Lin

There’s something in Die Roten Punkte for everyone. Europop? Check. Musical comedy gold? Check. German accents? Definitely check. We had a quick chat to Otto Rot, one half of “brother-sister” act Die Roten Punkte.

You’ll be playing the MICF very soon. Do you hang out with the other musical acts there? Are there cliques – for stand up, cabaret, musical comedy? 

Astrid and I host Haus Party for the Festival Club at HiFi on Sunday nights. Mostly I get to catch up with people then. It’s been so nice to catch up with Trygve Wakenshaw, Adrienne Truscott, Susie Youssef and Stuart Bowden so far this year. They are all lovely people.

Which acts (apart from yourself, obviously) would you recommend?

My favourite shows this year have been Trygve Wakenshaw, Ronny Chieng, Paul Foot and Hannah Gadsby.

You’re hitting up the UK soon for some shows. Are you a fan of doing your own individual shows so you’re the centre of attention, or big festivals like the MICF?

We’re going to do Soho Theatre, Brighton Spiegeltent and Norwich and Norfolk. I love being part of festivals because then you get to see all the other shows.

Have you ever played in Germany? If so, what did they think of your act?

We’ve played in Germany a bunch of times. It always goes well. We just did some shows with Amanda Palmer in Berlin and Munich last year. That seriously rocked!

Where can people get Eurosmash!ed?

It’s all done. We will be selling Eurosmash! CDs at our shows at The Forum and you can also get it now on iTunes.

You guys also were trying to crowd fund an indie film about you. I see you didn’t get all the way there – did you still manage to make the film?

We actually made exactly the amount that Astrid and I thought we would make. The producers that we are working with suggested that we set the target for almost four times that amount! Anyway, we are hoping to shoot the film later this year.

You made a respectable amount either way. Will you be considering more crowd funding in the future?

Crowd funding is great if you have a strong idea that you think that people want to see become successful. If it feels right we might consider it again in a couple of years.

Don’t miss out on their last shows in Melbourne for a while! They’re playing two more shows at the MICF. Book tickets here, and embrace the Europop!

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