Interview: Marty Putz

7 years ago
Sharona Lin

Sometimes a guy standing on a stage just isn’t quite enough to entertain. Luckily for MICF audiences everywhere, Marty Putz is back in Australia with Very Weird and Slightly Dangerous. Promising flying hamsters, weird inventions and marshmallow fights, this show is for everyone, whether you’re with family or alone, crying into your popcorn.

We chatted to  Marty about the flying hamsters, dirty comedy and his charity work.

High on the description of your new show is “flying hamsters”. I know it’s boring, but I have to ask: are there real live hamsters flying in your show?

Hermie the Hamster is a carefully constructed artificial intelligent  robotic rodent that took 3 years and $12,000  to manufacture and train Aerodynamically to fly through the air and hit his target Every single time.   One of my greatest achievements.

A lot of comedians favour dirty comedy, and there’s been a bit of a debate recently about dirty vs clean comedy. Obviously as you have a family friendly performance, you’d be on the side of clean, is that right?

Well that’s a good question, I think I lean towards naughty!  I call my show Simpson friendly, if you watch the Simpsons on TV then there is nothing in my show that will offend or shock you….well almost!

When did you decide to make comedy for families as opposed to just adults?

It just kind of happened.  Even when I was doing the adult show, people would constantly bring their kids a second and third time…So I ended up just cleaning up the language but the essence of the show remained.

Do you think that making this type of comedy is a part of your personality or was it a personal choice?

Oh I think it’s part of my personality.  I love the idea of never growing up!.

Do you ever have a hankering to do some less family friendly comedy?

Once in a while I get the urge to wanna yell “F*##K” but then realise if Spiderman never swears, then neither shall I.

You do a lot of different things, including live comedy, TV and web stuff. Which has been your favourite and why?

Honestly I bounce from avenue to avenue, usually when I’ve been doing the same thing for a while.  Nothing beats the rush of a live audience, yet television allows you to try bits over and over and over.  It’s all good so long as people laugh!!!!

You’ve done some charity work, could you elaborate on that?

Yes I work with The Kids Foundation of New Zealand, helping to raise money for children who are struggling with chronic Illness relating to PID (Primary Immune Deficiency.)  The Kids Foundation have helped so many young lives.


Check out Very Weird and Slightly Dangerous at the Famous Spiegeltent in Federation Square until the 19th April. For more information, check out Marty’s show page on the Comedy Festival.

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