Interview: Marcel Lucont

7 years ago
Sharona Lin

Acerbic, witty and a self-proclaimed genius, Marcel Lucont will be performing Gallic Symbol for the last time in Australia at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014. We had a quick chat with him.

The MICF is mostly filled with comedians from the UK, US and of course, Australia. Is it hard to break into, or do you find that comedians have a commonality wherever they are?

“Breaking into” implies a measure of force – I like to think I am welcomed with open limbs into this festival and this land. And there is nothing common about me.

You’ve performed in heaps of different countries. Have all reacted to your show in the same way?

Genius simply translates.


Do you tweak your show for different audiences?

Sure, some audiences are not as cultured as others, and must be eased into a show that may be overwhelming for them in many ways. And several countries of course are so far removed from the refined ways of the French that a plethora of observations are naturally added to the show, or as you would say in Australia, “heaps.”

Have you started working on your next show yet? Any sneak peeks?

The new show opens in New Zealand at the end of April, entitled “Marcel Lucont Is.” It is an existential masterpiece dealing with three thoroughly important M’s: mortality, masculinity and Marcel Lucont.

You’ve done some well-received TV work. Which do you prefer, TV or stand up?

What I do is so much more than “stand-up”. You are asking whether I provide live or televised work. Well, it is a tricky one to answer. The television of course takes my work to a wider range of people, but that usually tends to include a range of wider people, those who sit on a couch all day and dread the thought of having to make the effort of going to a venue.

Find out more about Gallic Symbol and buy tickets for its last ever run at Marcel’s Comedy Festival page.

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