“I’m a huge fan of comedians that can take on so many different characters” – Talking with Anne Edmonds about dream projects and the fun of satire.

5 years ago
Stacey Waters

Anne Edmonds, last year’s Piece of Wood winner from the MICF, is a comedian whose talents are spread out over a range of different niches. From selling out shows as a stand-up comedian, to introducing the web to the chuckle-worthy True Aussie Patriots, Edmonds manages to boast a range of laugh inducing projects always on the go. Stacey from Popculture-y managed to have a chat with Edmonds about her numerous projects and what we can expect from her anticipated MICF upcoming show.

For those that haven’t yet viewed any of the True Aussie Patriot videos, they can be seen here. They’re a range of videos that satirize groups such as Reclaim Australian and other patriotic themed Australian collectives. Edmonds talked us through the process in which the videos came to be, “It came about really from Damien, Greg and I (Damien Powers and Greg Larson) watching the videos of the real patriots and realising just how ripe they were for satire.” The videos really do manage to convey the ridiculousness of the true videos that are posted, which highlight the comedy aspects of the True Aussie Patriots even more.

“We literally just booked a room in the local library and went there with our cameras and started filming videos. They started going viral and it really went from there.”


When asking advice for contestants for this year’s RAW Comedy, after being a finalist in 2009, Edmonds was honest and encouraging about the effects of winning or placing as a finalist. Stating that while it is a great way to get started and get your stuff out there, it’s definitely only the beginning of a career, “You know if you’re not the winner or something there’s plenty more to come. Plenty more ups and downs.”

Along the same lines, Edmond was last year’s winner of the Piece of Wood award, an award given out at the MICF by fellow comedians. “It was a real honour because other comedians decide it, always nice to get the recognition of them. A lot of them are my heroes and people I really respect in the industry, in a funny way it’s given me a bit more confidence in what I’m doing.” Unfortunately, despite any prodding Edmonds was unable to give us any hints to this years possible nominees for the award, being now officially on the judging panel for it.

We found out that although stand up, out of all the different mediums that Edmond works with, being possibly the hardest, it is also her favourite to work with. “I think as a comedian you can’t beat the live delivery of comedy, ideas straight from your brain, out of your mouth, and the immediate reaction from the audience back to you. That’s kind of magic.”

Despite live comedy being Edmonds favourite, she also manages to work with a number of other mediums, including podcasts and characters sketches. When given the hypothetical option for an unlimited budget for any project that she would be so inclined to work on her answer was instant. “Something heavily character and story based, with my friends, developing stories and in particular characters.” Edmonds can be seen on online sketches developing the backgrounds of personalities of numerous characters that really manage to stick in the viewers mind, she found that Australian has a rich tradition of having comedian that excel in playing different characters, despite that medium appearing to disappear a bit. “I’m a huge fan of comedians that can take on so many different characters.”


You can see Anne Edmonds in That’s Eddotainment as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival at Melbourne Town Hall 29th – 17th.


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