“I would rather tweet.” Becky Lucas on High Tide

6 years ago
Til Knowles

Brisbanite turned Sydneysider Becky Lucas is bringing her debut solo show to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. She’s been lurking, writing, performing and preparing, and now High Tide is set to lap up onto our comedy beaches. Becky took a break from writing killer tweets to answer our questions about blogs, cage fighting and uh, writing tweets.


There’s been a lot of build up to High Tide; you were a Raw Comedy Finalist in 2013, part of the Comedy Zone Showcase in the 2014 comedy festival and the support act for Wil Anderson late last year. How does it feel to finally have your debut solo show out in the world?

It feels incredibly stressful but also exciting. I spend all day bursting into tears every time I receive an email. Besides that, I am mostly just so excited to be in Melbourne and to be in control of my own show. None of those pesky comedy zoners stealing my limelight (jk I cherished our time together)

You’re a pretty big social media user – you tweet daily and your blog is pretty in depth. Do you think having an active online presence is a necessary part of being a modern stand up? How does it affect the way your audience interact with you?

I think these days people want to know that you are a funny person and that it’s not just something for the stage. They want to consume more of you and hear your opinions on current events or everyday musings. I think it is cool that one day I might have an audience that knows I’m angry about something and can then understand where I am coming from onstage without having to explain it. I do have a problem with Twitter though; I’m obsessed with it. I would rather tweet than speak to some of my closest friends.

Becky Lucas High Tide

Your blog (www.beckylucashenko.tumblr.com) is filled with meanderings and well written rants that relate to your life and experiences on both an inane and a personal level. Does having that content influence how much of yourself you bring to your onstage persona?

I think I am probably more myself in my blog than onstage. It’s easier to write something and sit back and see if it resonates with anyone. I always hope that people see me do standup and if they want to know more about me, they can read my blog. God, even just the words ‘my blog’ are annoying.

What’s your most “favourited” tweet?

I did a tweet recently that said ‘I can’t wait to die so I don’t have to create anymore usernames and passwords’. Off the top of my head it got 76 retweets and 132 favourites, but that’s just a rough guess. That is something very close to my heart as I feel like I’m a slave to creating accounts. There are too many websites that require an account. I shouldn’t have to think of a creative way to say ‘Becky Lucas’ just so I can order Indian takeout to my door. It has to stop. Someone call the ombudsman.

How would you describe your style of stand up to a stranger on the internet?

My stand up is incredibly rare and precious. It has to be seen to be believed. Please buy a ticket.

Which comedian performing at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival do you consider yourself the opposite of, comedically?

Hmm good question, this feels very loaded like you are trying to cause beef with me and another comic. If that’s true, the person who I like the least and I hope I am completely different to is probably ‘Frenchy’. You might have heard of him, he makes videos that perfectly encapsulate his hatred of women. Cool guy! I’m going to challenge him to a cage fight during the festival, stay tuned for details.

If you weren’t doing comedy, what would you be doing?

Just enjoying the simple pleasures like hanging with friends from work. There would be two guys called Dave, a Marie, Stephen, Pat and Jen. I would love those guys. So many pranks and ongoing jokes, it would be a scream. Pat and Jen would end up together and they would ask me to be godmother to their baby. Haha, just thinking of this alternate life makes me want to quit comedy immediately.


Becky Lucas’ solo show High Tide hits Melbourne for previews from the 26th March to the 29th March, with shows from the 31st March to 19th April at the Portland. Tickets start from $15 – get tickets from the MICF website.

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