“I am very lucky” – a brief interview with the eloquent Ash Williams, comedian, sports commentator and professional tweeter

5 years ago
Til Knowles
Ash Williams is a man of few words and excellent timing. The comedian/podcast guest/writer/host/radio presenter/gym-goer is a man of many talents, and this year he’s finally turning his attention to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. I’ve Done Some Bad Things is Ash’s debut show, addressing the ins and outs of show business, business, and basically everything else. He kindly shared some words with us about it all.

You’ve got a whole show telling people about the bad things you’ve done, so what’re some good things you’ve done?

I do lot of good things. I call My Mum and buy her flowers. I also do lots of charity work, that I don’t get enough credit for.

Your press preamble suggests there’ll be a multimedia component to your show. What does that entail? What made you decide to include that?

I don’t know if this is happening now, I got the meaning of “multimedia” wrong. But I can say it will be an interactive show with some music.

Will there be any egg eating in the show?

There wasn’t but I might throw it in now. It’s a fun idea.

How does podcasting effect your stand up? (Do you develop material on a podcast and put it in your show? Do you get a lot of podcast listeners coming to your live shows? Etc)

Podcasting is good, because I might just be telling a story and it’s get’s a big response, and then I look at turning that story into stand up.

What’re the differences between your onstage persona, your podcast persona, and you in real life?

All the same. I am very lucky.

How different are the L.A. and Melbourne comedy scenes?

Melbourne is consistent, lots of good comedians. Los Angeles has it all, the best of the best and some absolute shockers.

What’s the one thing you have to do when you’re in L.A?

Go to Equinox Gym. For a little bit extra you can train your hamstrings with Cameron Diaz.

Where’s the best place to kick back during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival?

This is My first festival, but at a guess, I would say after the show with mates at the pub.

You’ve done a pretty wide range of things – from television, to stand up, to Cleo Bachelor-dom – what’s your next big project after I’ve Done Some Bad Things?

Comedy and sport are 2 things I love so I’m looking to do some more of that across various sporting platforms… similar to what I did with Channel 7tennis for Australian Open. I will also spend some time filming and creating My own content for My social media channels @ashwilliams1

Got any draft tweets you’d like to share?

For anyone reading this, draft tweets are tweets I’m working on, because they’re not ready for the Internet yet.

Draft tweet 1: A cool way to end a conversation is to say “chow” – it means “food” in Italian.

Draft tweet 2: Technically, a square is just a bunch of triangles

Like I said, they’re not finished yet.


Finally, of course, what other comedians are you looking forward to seeing at MICF this year? 

I’m looking forward to getting out and watching some comedians that I haven’t seen live. I’ve gotta check the guide.

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