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8 years ago
Sharona Lin

As you may have noticed, there’s nothing we love better here at Pop Culture and Coke than pop culture!

That’s why we’re pumped for Hoyts Plus to present Pop Culture Classics. Once a month, various Hoyts cinemas will be screening classics from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s on the big screen for your viewing pleasure.

If you live in New South Wales, check out Blacktown, Broadway and Warringah. Victoria has Chadstone, Forest Hill and Highpoing. Queensland has Stafford, South Australia has Tea Tree and Western Australia has Carousel.

The whole schedule is here (although times may change). There are some great movies, including TerminatorRobocop and Labyrinth. Oh, David Bowie.

Anyway, check it out. More info can be found at the Hoyts page.

Sunday 28 April

Blacktown – Labyrinth
Broadway – Stand By Me
Warringah – Stand By Me
Chadstone – A Nightmare on Elm Street
Forest Hill – The Terminator
Highpoint – A Nightmare on Elm Street
Stafford – Fright Night
Tea Tree – Taxi Driver
Carousel – Robocop

Sunday 12 May

Blacktown – The Terminator
Broadway – Labyrinth
Warringah – Labyrinth
Chadstone – Stand By Me
Forest Hill – Fright Night
Highpoint – Stand By Me
Stafford – Robocop
Tea Tree – A Nightmare on Elm Street
Carousel – Taxi Driver

Sunday 30 June

Blacktown – Clockwork Orange
Broadway – Clockwork Orange
Warringah – Clockwork Orange
Chadstone – Clockwork Orange
Forest Hill – Clockwork Orange
Highpoint – Clockwork Orange
Stafford – Clockwork Orange
Tea Tree – Clockwork Orange
Carousel – Clockwork Orange

Sunday 28 July

Blacktown – The Shining
Broadway – The Shining
Warringah – The Shining
Chadstone – The Shining
Forest Hill – The Shining
Highpoint – The Shining
Stafford – The Shining
Tea Tree – The Shining
Carousel – The Shining

Sunday 18 August

Blacktown – Fright Night
Broadway – The Terminator
Warringah – The Terminator
Chadstone – Labyrinth
Forest Hill – Robocop
Highpoint – Labyrinth
Stafford – Taxi Driver
Tea Tree – Stand By Me
Carousel – A Nightmare on Elm Street

Sunday 1 September

Blacktown – Robocop
Broadway – Fright Night
Warringah – Fright Night
Chadstone – The Terminator
Forest Hill – Taxi Driver
Highpoint – The Terminator
Stafford – A Nightmare on Elm Street
Tea Tree – Labyrinth
Carousel – Stand By Me

Sunday 27 October

Blacktown – Taxi Driver
Broadway – Robocop
Warringah – Robocop
Chadstone – Fright Night
Forest Hill – A Nightmare on Elm Street
Highpoint – Fright Night
Stafford – Stand By Me
Tea Tree – The Terminator
Carousel – Labyrinth

Sunday 24 November

Blacktown – A Nightmare on Elm Street
Broadway – Taxi Driver
Warringah – Taxi Driver
Chadstone – Robocop
Forest Hill – Stand By Me
Highpoint – Robocop
Stafford – Labyrinth
Tea Tree – Fright Night
Carousel – Terminator

Sunday 22 December

Blacktown – Stand By Me
Broadway – A Nightmare on Elm Street
Warringah – A Nightmare on Elm Street
Chadstone – Taxi Driver
Forest Hill – Labyrinth
Highpoint – Taxi Driver
Stafford – The Terminator
Tea Tree – Robocop
Carousel – Fright Night

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