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Welcome to the Independent Arts Journal! (formerly Pop Culture-y). Established in 2013, we are a rapidly growing Australian Arts publication covering everything from Plays, Musicals and Operas to Concerts, Exhibitions, Australian Independent Film, Current Events on the Australian Arts Scene and Everything else artsy Australia Wide!

A Brief History

Founded in 2013 by Sharona Lin and Aiden Johnson as an ‘Australian Pop-Culture Digest Blog’ Pop-Culture-y, with a focus on current pop culture and the culture of pop culture in Australia its reader base soon grew as it began to drift towards theatrical, comedy and live production reviews. In 2018 Declan Dowling (of the New Arts Group Theatrical Company) took over as the new owner and editor of the now online publication after having been a critic for some time for them, and fully shifted focus to the Australian Arts world and rebranded as the Independent Arts Journal. The Journal now stream-lines its focus on live Australian productions (amateur and professional), Australian art events, Australian live performance and music as well as Independent Australian Cinema when it can.


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